Bundle of Christmas Sasse & Belle goodies


Fantastic value!
A collection of Winter Forest folk deer. There’s nothing prettier than a soft blanket of snow and the pretty patterns of icy snowflakes. That’s why we were inspired to make the White Christmas collection! No need to dream of a white christmas with these fresh and glimmering decorations. A stylish way to celebrate the season, with the reminder of the beautiful outside winter wonderland, all from the cosiness of inside! Made by Sasse and Belle

Bundle contains
1 x folderbale bag RRP £6
1 X Napkins RRP £4
1 X Mug RRP £9
2 X Wrapping Paper PPR £2 EACH
1 x note pad RRP £3.50
1 X Christmas decoration RRP £10

Now £17.99 Including postage Mainland UK

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